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Вайклеф Джин Вайклеф ДжинАмериканский хип-хоп исполнитель

Coast 2 Coast

[Wyclef Jean]

Wyclef, chillin with Angie

Live at Jimmy's, worldwide baby


[Chorus: Wyclef]

Suavemente, be-sa-me

Angie Martinez, can I get a date on Friday?

Suavemente, just when I thought she'd say yes..

Yo, yo, that's when a kid pulled the tec and the whole crowd parted

Why you fuckin up the party before it gets started?

[Angie Martinez]

Yo, yo, yo, yo it's Angie

The way I flip it make you switch your shit to plan B

And I'll be dipped out in the club lookin fancy

And we ain't chillin too tough if you ain't family

You mad at me man please I'm chillin low-key

That's why I got my little hat on

In the V.I.P. where everybody high fash-ion

Gettin they mack on, thirsty fo' satisfaction

And it's, bound to happen like latins goin platinum

Now we, in it lookin for the big peso

And my, song inspired by Elvis Crespo

And we, gettin it started so baby let's go

Nasty boys in the party singin,

Вайклеф Джин

Coast 2 Coast / Вайклеф Джин

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