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Вайклеф Джин Вайклеф ДжинАмериканский хип-хоп исполнитель

Whats Clef

[Phone Rings]

[Phone Voice Sample]

If you'd like to make a call, dial your operator

If you need help, try, try again

Try, try again

[Wyclef Jean]

I got it started to my face

I got it started to my face, right?

What you thought, there wasn't gonna be no retaliation?

Ha, ha, ha

You gotta be kiddin'!

You call my name four times on a record?

Heh, heh!

[Phone Rings]

[Phone Voice Sample]

If you need help, try, try again

Try again

[Wyclef Jean]

Yo, "Return of Jack the Ripper," what? Nigga please

I'ma push you further back than your hairline recedes

New York City, don't get it confused

Your song will last as long as your part in "Krush Groove"

Body moves, the battles, bullets, the lesson

You write about being a veteran, but not a legend

Back from the war with thirty-two medals of honor

You claimin' underground but never been to Bobbito the Barber

Gimme them medals back, since you forgot how to rap

Call DJ Bobcat and ask him where them old records at

Like Channel Five karate, my kick is gonna reach ya

A new episode where the student kills the teacher

Any last words before I send you to your dream?

Hold my hands and pray

[lyrics in Creole]

You don't got knowledge yourself

So you don't know what that mean, a'ight?

Who suped you up to do the record in the first place?

It lacked taste, you get "The Gas Face" like 3rd Bass

L.L. stands for Lickin' Lyor, or Lickin' Lichty

Lickin' Lyles, Lickin' Labels, lickin' they balls

Under the conference room table

When you hear this record, you bound to go AWOL

I worked too hard, for this life is serious

This ain't bulls-eye, I ain't your target practice


Вайклеф Джин

Whats Clef / Вайклеф Джин

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