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Вайклеф Джин Вайклеф ДжинАмериканский хип-хоп исполнитель

Party To Damascus (Remix)

(feat. Missy Elliott)

[Wyclef Jean (Missy Elliott)]

Brrrr, yeah (ew, ew, ew, EW! yeah)

It's over, uh huh (that's right)

Missy with the Preachers Son, uh huh (ok)

It's over (ok), I told ya (yeah)

J-CLEF, let's go (ew, WOO)


[Missy Elliott]

(uh oh)

Yeah, hey yo Clef (oh)

([Wylcef:] Uh huh)

Uh oh (uh oh), these motherfuckers ain't ready for

this shit (oh)

([Wyclef:] Hey)

[Missy Elliott]

Me and Clef on this track what you want

Heard you wanna battle us both I hope you don't

Hand me my mic, two woofers in my trunk (huh)

Sound like gonk-ga-gonk-ga-gonk-ga-gonk-ga-ga-ga-gonk


I drink that Dom Perignon (oh)

I drink that shot of Petron to turn me on (uh)

I got that red eye bomb, get you stoned (yeah)

I got them gunshots, head knock 'til my bed stop

[Wyclef Jean]

Hey [echoes]

It goes, Missy you hit me with the henny got me dizzy

like a lesbi

I heard you wear turtleneckses' to hide your hickies.

I'm freaky, dickie, like Samantha Sex in the City'

Lookie, lookie here

I only came to party

Easy shorty, with one dance

I put you in a trance

Not a body experience

As time flies, we have fun

But I don't want it to pass

My total love gots you waiting like a whoop-lash

Hey [echoes]

[Break - Missy Elliott]

I teach you what you want (oh yeah)

The things you need to know (oh yeah)

Come in and shut the door (yeah)

Lets get this party goin (uh huh)

Baby let me show you, how you can satisfy a girl needs

(oh yeah, c'mon, c'mon)

[Chorus - w ad libs]


Вайклеф Джин

Party To Damascus (Remix) / Вайклеф Джин

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