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Liquid Swords-Wu Tang Clan

Intro Two: RZA

See, sometimes...

You gotta flash em back

See niggaz don't know where this shit started

Y'all know where it came from

I'm sayin we gonna take y'all back to the swords

We bounce, yo

[Chorus: GZA, (RZA)]

When the MC's came, to live our their name

And to perform (forrrrm)

Some had, to snort cocaine (caiiinnne) to act insane (sannne)

with before Pete Rock-ed it on, now gone

that the mental plane (plaaanne) to spark the brain (brainnn)

with the building to be born

Yo RZA flip the track with the what to guy

Check em check chicka icka etta UHH


Fake niggas get flipped

in mic fights i swing swords and cut clowns

Shit is too swift to bite you record and write it down

I flow like the blood on a murder scene, like a syringe

on some loud howl shit, to insert a fiend

But it was yo ock, the shop stolen art

Catch a swollen heart from not rollin smart

I put mad pressure, on phony wack rhymes they get hurt

Shit's played, like zodiac signs on sweatshirt

That's minimum, and feminine like sandals

My minimum table stacks a verse on a gamble

Energy is felt once the cards are dealt

With the impact of roundhouse kicks from black belts

that attack, the mic-fones like cyclones or typhoon

I represent from midnight to high noon

I don't waste ink, nigga I think

I drop megaton BOMBS more faster than you blink

Cause rhyme thoughts travel at a tremendous speed

Through clouds of smoke, of natural blends of weed

Only under one circumstance is if I'm blunted

Turn that shit up, my clan in da front want it



I'm on a Mission, that niggaz say is Impossible

But when I swing my swords they all choppab

Wu-Tang Clan

Liquid Swords-Wu Tang Clan / Wu-Tang Clan

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