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The Abduction


Okay.. the GZA

Tony Touch classic, knowhatI'msayin?

We gonna bang y'all, in the head one time

Blaze up on y'all one time real fast (Do the mix and all that shit)

Knamsayin, word up (Make it make it a record real quick, do yo' thang)

Throw ya seatbelts on, ahhight?

(Yeah, hook it up, make it a record, get down yo)

I take y'all niggas straight, Beneath the Surface

to the core, if it ain't raw its worthless

Pentab professional, hold the ink

while river rats fall off the raft and sink

Tony let a brother Touch, twenty bar rush

The way we push through equivalent to rocket thrust

Allah just, I lay it for the mix tapes

Quick to quake a label-mate

The sound came outta rusted crate

Surrounded by cobwebs

Beat smooth enough to slide through like bobsleds

On a cold white snow, plus with the right flow

Wu-Tang niggaz they shine and make the mic glow

[Masta Killa]

We killin all gorillin with all that screwfacin

Pacin back and forth looking savage, stop it

[RZA aka Bobby Digital]

Whether plugged in or plugged out

Iron drill mugged or thugged out

Blood in or blood out, son was bugged out

Might look at you and slice you

Buck fifty face stupid and say but run Nike swoop

Who the fuck you think let y'all wild niggas in

Allowed you to put down ya guns ,and raise ya pen

Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig, we don't fuck with no pig

We teach the kids, you rather have a bullet or a word to your wig

Murder rates increases, bullet holes the size of fifty cent pieces

Don't worry about the weed or pussy, I read books

I'm liable to mate'cha king with three rooks

You see the Wu W raised in black fists

Maybe Tony Touch, Concord needle wil

Wu-Tang Clan

The Abduction / Wu-Tang Clan

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