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(feat. Ghostface, RZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard)


Yo, yo, yo doodododododo, yo psssh yo

Yo park the jeep on the street of the Sunset Marquis

Autograph signin pads wit a gold tip sharpee

Permanent ink blots, I'm drunk from red label scotch

While you faggots try to judge my shit like Ed Koch

Underground left and right pair surround sound can't be scared

Plea the ams radio tapes that he jammed

Golden chrome, desert eagle never left at home

Flip the track of the beat watch Bobby flip the metronome

High voltage, keep my Seed and Wiz well cultured

Kill enemies by mailin them the poison glue postage

I open or fold ya, Dirty fucked a ogre

I leave the cat a book of food stamps used at Krogers

The box of evil a fifty sack of that lethal

Adjust these boots and bloody cube steaks from Key Food

[ODB 4X]

Now what party can you go to.. and I ain't there

You bitches actin like you don't care


Yo, wordup... wordup! ..

You bitches actin like you don't care

You bitches actin like you - YO

Razor blade toenails cut holes inside tube socks

Gold and platinum fangs unstainable

I chew rocks, cybertech digital suit, deflect bullets

Black hooded surrounded by forty acres of wooded - land

Like my cousin Dusty Dirty-Ass Dan

Fucked the daughter of the leader of the Ku Klux Klan

Tapes we dub, pound you wit the ace of club

Climb your tree to a shub

Tongue kiss a lion then kidnap her cub

Passin it portrait; my bitch spread eagle wild orchid

Pussy so wet, you could fuck it wit a soft tipped dick

Tickled her tonsil, you could hear her coughin

I don't know if Dirt fucked Mariah, but I'm out to fuck Tyra

Starks might fuck Mya


I'm the pussy vampire

I don't wanna work no more

I want my own Island while I'm whylin

I don't talk, I ain't talk

[Chorus 4X (overlaps ODB)]


Yo I'm bent out, three days two nights yo I'm spent out

One hell of a cruise New York got they hand out

Like I owe somethin, check they stance they frontin

I'm two seconds from twistin y'all shit, over nuttin

All a sudden ice grills kid you did a baby bid

In the mix almost hung yourself slit ya wrists

To the maximum, hand me the forty I'll thrash and

split out guests who gassed and make Ghost throw his mask on

Trama the block pro bar sledge slang ho

Runnin from to and sharles some rap and I might blow

World cup, son been blessed wit the Stanley

Yvonne Lendl autographed racket wit the can key

Sideline manuever, polish wax MC remover

Niggaz wit long nails cuttin me, leavin bruises

Candle lows tied a thousand an y'all froze

Came home to dusthead dude, tryin to play me close

We've been peaked for years now Liz wants to choppin the kid

I might do magic make him disappear

Railroad that nigga Isotoner Coca-Cola holder

Snatch the granola, sprinkle Ginko Boloba

Venom from a cobra, laced in the cum he bore odor

Soaked through a strainer here's a doser

The King James version this page is like Samson wit effects

that'll kill Rogers double O seven

Hanna Barbera, heart's the opposite of Bambi the Deer

Fuck wit mics like Sonny and Cher

Or maybe Captain and Tenneille, Tinactic and golden seal

Nice like mister whittendale your girl Chippendale

Shallah bridge all up in ya dog dial trench

When I snatched that shit was broke shoulda sent ya ass back

And where's the key to the hatchback pop that

Get in throw a bag full of mice and then respect that

[Girl 4X]

What party can you go to, and Wu ain't there

These niggaz actin like they don't care

What party can you go to, and Wu ain't there

These hoes actin like they don't care

Wu-Tang Clan

Windpipe / Wu-Tang Clan

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