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Ice Age

featuring Napoleon

[Intro: Myalansky, (Joe Mafia)]

Yo, son gimme some play on this release of Slot Time, son

(Aight, son, it's all Wu)

Gimme some play, man, it's cold world right now

(It's real out here man, word up)


Icy, (ice, ice, ice

It's fridget out here God)

Grab your coat! (Word)

[Chorus: Napoleon]

It's the modern day Ice Age

The world's frozen, turned front page

Cats with icy bloodstreams in the rage

Thirty-two degrees below poverty, feds drug raid

and lock you in a cage where it's cold, the Ice Age


Peace to freed jail cats come home, now they cop ranges

Hand to hand shoot outs with mack, new on the block stranger

Caught up in VA, New York language

Miami niggas had these projects locked till the knox raided

Holdin ball, paint job, the top flavor

What up my nigga? Rock the gold teeth grill, bally some dark suede gear

Twenty dollar bill mixed with speed ball

Teen team burn, finger firey red, makin the king fall

Incarceration, as an incarconsist is your education

150 gats with clip, arsonists in the makins

Slight back your moon roof, gimme some liquer straight no prune juice

wildin' all night, who let the goons loose?

[Chorus (x2)]

[Joe Mafia]

City serpent, street merchant, networkin

Oakwood suburban, dirty swervin, poppin Germans

Mindor way now, shorties want style that's foul, flagrant

ya laced shit

Case can't face it, house arrest, I shake the gates

and give up for flesh, money long, Sonny singin funny songs

The street songs, faggot at arms, retire firearms

Lamb skin, master craftsman, just stay flashin

Mashin, chest burnin from a thug passion

I tilt bottles up in the club, fuckin with dick models

Dick throbbin, Haley's comet, 2G will ever aristotle

Extort cream near the Fort Green, Cali palm trees

Clam stee, Vietnam fleet, ya scream 'fore I bomb thee



That's icy medallions with a icy bloodstream

Rip shit with platinum niggaz, that blew off Ice Cream

Peace to ice that got them things

that you measure with triple beams

Some are words, turn to ice, turned my moms into fiend

P rocked some much ice, we called him iceberg

He touched an iceberg, how did that benz waggin hit that iceberg?

Now the word's out about Wu-Syndicate, ice heist a lease

On pyramids, ice men gave dominicans ice keys

I see quality, bitches suckin' dick with icys for ice rings

Now them theme cats are Romanian

Ice bracelets crown fiends, that's a chilly willy thing

I need an igloo in Alaska to escape Lucifer's sting

[Chorus (x2)]

[various talk to fade

Гордон У

Ice Age / Гордон У

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