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Вольфганг Кеттерле Вольфганг КеттерлеНемецкий физик, лауреат Нобелевской премии по физике за 2001 г., совместно с Эриком Корнеллом и Карлом Виманом.

A Matter Of Time

You've got your brilliant borders

your grandiose throne

you've got everything you wanted

but still there's something wrong

all you've now accomplished

is just one big charade

because everytime you sleep

is the same when your awake


so put it all away

into a brand new day

do what you must

but the problem doesn't fade

as nothing that now happens

can make things change

the fact that you must face the problems

you are alone

so past these brilliant borders

you now must venture on

past a personal wasteland

it's best to try to make a home

cross into tomorrow

and build a brand new throne

or forever be content to live your life

Вольфганг Кеттерле

A Matter Of Time / Вольфганг Кеттерле

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