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 Wishbone Ash (Ставшие пеплом) Wishbone Ash (Ставшие пеплом)Британская рок-группа

Dont Come Back

You walk out your front door

And say that you found love -

That's how the best things start,

That's for sure.

You ought to know that ain't around anymore.

That's where you're at,

I'm at, baby,

'Cause that just doesn't pay.

Now steal your stolen car - ride it on.

Oh, you seem to think it's cool

That they stay out all night -

I only want to know where you've been,

So let's get back today.

So go down, child,

To a rock'n'roll show, alright,

You seem to think it's cool

To stay out all night.

Wishbone Ash (Ставшие пеплом)

Dont Come Back / Wishbone Ash (Ставшие пеплом)

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