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Ники Уайр Ники Уайрбасист, иногда исполняет вокальные партии в Уэльской рок-группе Manic Street Preachers.

106 Beats That

You've been searching high and low, still so far to go

You've been searching everywhere, I know you care

Walking down the endless street, what will you meet?

Who knows, who knows?

You'll keep on searching till the very end

For one true lover and for one true friend

You'll get your answer on the whispering wind

When you find it, just don't let go

Laughed with saints and cried with clowns, lived that up and down

Walked out in the pouring rain to stop your pain

Cried out on a mountain high, why life goes by?

Why love can die, oh why?


Ники Уайр

106 Beats That / Ники Уайр

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