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Ники Уайр Ники Уайрбасист, иногда исполняет вокальные партии в Уэльской рок-группе Manic Street Preachers.

Straight Line

You have nothing to fear

I'm just making enquiries

Dog bone hunting

Gives you back to yourself

Standing before me

The gargoyle turns

Jutting jaws and

The stubble burns

I shift the blame

To the worm in the bottle

I shift the blame

To anyone standing before me

I check-up the once over

Give yourself an opening

Keep your mouth shut

In the event of an accident

Contact the following

A certain air

An invading smile

Inbreeding seals the flaw

Silk skin paws

Hang by both feet

Embracing the world

Hang the expense

Breuel's cut corners

Wring out the senses

I have nothing like it

I've seen nothing like it

Ники Уайр

Straight Line / Ники Уайр

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