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Ники Уайр Ники Уайрбасист, иногда исполняет вокальные партии в Уэльской рок-группе Manic Street Preachers.

Three Girl Rhumba

Painted statues in underground streams

With invitations to the Pharoah's dream

They stare at themselves, there's a need to be seen

Walking mirrors in the Pharoah's harem

And here they come

The queen of Ur

And the king of Um

Tainted Matthews in car-key relations

Gilt invitations to the blue queen's ball

They stare at themselves, there's a need to be seen

Talking pillars in the blue queen's hall

Fading tatoos of empty stations

Great expectations at Vince's loyal mince

They stare at each other, there's a need to be seen

Crack-head mirrors, licking the soiled mint

Olympic statues from terminal stations

Sifting invitations to the market floor

Steering into the future, it pays to be seen

Polishing mirrors, keeping the score

A babbling gaggle, a scrabbling rabble

Fighting invitations to the emporor's shilling

They stare through themselves, there's nothing to see

Hand-picked recruits for ghostly pursuit

Ники Уайр

Three Girl Rhumba / Ники Уайр

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