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Ники Уайр Ники Уайрбасист, иногда исполняет вокальные партии в Уэльской рок-группе Manic Street Preachers.

Men 2nd

An unwilling sailor adrift from Artic waters

As the water gets warmer, my iceburg gets smaller

As he pours more petrol on, he feels no fear

As the flames get nearer, its thought gets clearer

A blue-white polar bear arrives at the end

Diverting his attention, his feelings froze over

I'm only a runaway AWOL at the logical start

Not present in the present, overboard with limited future

And I'm standing alone still getting a thrill

While the ship is afloat, he's losing his boat

Ники Уайр

Men 2nd / Ники Уайр

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