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Dont You Know What the Night Can Do

Come out and dance with me, darling, on that funky side of town

Come out and rock with me, baby, shake it up and dance it down

When you hear that good band play, it'll make you want to fool around

You can't sit down

I've got some moves for you, baby, that I learned from way back when

I've got a feel for you, baby, you'll believe in love again

When I knock on you door, you'll let me in

In love again

We go round and round, don't know where we're bound

Long as there's a beat I'll hang around, for one more round

Now baby, don't read the papers, 'cause they always make you sad

And honey, don't watch the TV 'cause the news is always bad

Come and dance with me tonight and you know your heart will be so glad

So very glad

Baby, don't you know the reason grandma smiles at grandpa so?

Grandpa can still keep it moving like he did so long ago

Grandma says,

Стив Уинвуд

Dont You Know What the Night Can Do / Стив Уинвуд

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