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Уильям Нелсон Уильям НелсонПевец, гитарист и композитор


God painted the bluebonnets in the fields

By a tough little scrub oak on an East Texas hill

And he plucked the star from a lone star sky

And he put it in the twinkle of a cowboy's eye

The wide open spaces he made wild and free

Texas as far as any eye can see

And he made her sons grow tough and strong

They still cry when they hear a sad song


No place but Texas

Would I ever roam

No place but Texas

My home, sweet home

No place but Texas

My home, sweet home

When I die I hope they bury me

By the Pedernales River 'neath a white oak tree

Where I can see the longhorns graze

And the cactus flowers blooming in the morning haze

(Repeat chorus)

Уильям Нелсон

NO PLACE BUT TEXAS / Уильям Нелсон

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