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Уилл Янг Уилл Янг поп исполнитель, победитель конкурса «Pop Idol».


boo boo boo

i fort i wud say boo

boo boo boo

all i can say is boo!!!

in the mornin

in the night

in the evening

i giv u a fright by sayin

boo boo boo

all i can say is boo

boo boo boo

u can sing this too

wen ur at scool

remember this song

remember this boo

and i will 2 so just go

boo 2 ur teachers,

boo 2 ur cat

boo 2 ur friends

and boo 2 u tooo!!!!

so now u no

dis song BOO

u can sing dis

2 evr1 u no!!!!!!!!!


Уилл Янг

Boo / Уилл Янг

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