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Уилл Янг Уилл Янг поп исполнитель, победитель конкурса «Pop Idol».

Lover Wont You Stay

I can't deny this strange desire in my heart

So close together we can never be apart

Heal my pain,

Let me feel your fire burn alight

Mmm, the more you give the more I want

Crazy ain't it just

A man like me, a girl like you

Here drowning in this love


So won't you come here

And fill the empty space between us

The moment seems to steal us away

Girl, you're the one

And I get the strangest feeling

Something tells me summer's on its way

Lover won't you stay

I swear that I'm addicted

You could say I can't let go

The more that you invite me girl,

The more I want you so

Breathe in me,

Let your love come down like fire and burn, and burn

The mood is right, the time is tight

Let's get heavenly

So lock the door, kill the lights

Just give yourself to me

[Repeat Chorus]

I get this feeling

A summer feeling

Lover won't you stay

Lover won't you stay, Oh yeah

[Repeat Chorus]

Lover won't you stay

Lover won't you stay

Lover won't you.....................

Уилл Янг

Lover Wont You Stay / Уилл Янг

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