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Уилл Смит Уилл Смитактер

Trapped on the Dance Floor

Your trapped on the dance floor

It's locked there's no escape

There's no eat no drink cant take a break

No seat to sit down you gotta stand up

The record on the wheel reacts like a handcuff

Your in a cage and this groove will bound you

People in the club like bars around you

The doors open up and the people are boarding

Here are the prisoners the DJ is the warden

Your mind is useless instinct takes control

Jam to techno

Groove to soul to soul

You been arrested

Now your being tested

The beat is a sex fiend, you're being molested

Stead drum kicks like pistol in spinal

You gotta dance and get round like a Rhino

The DJ cuts with a knife like a surgery

Sayin that the slice aint nice that's purgory

The music infiltrates you mutates you

Grabs you holds you moulds you and let you

Do things you wouldn't a otherwise done

Like shake rattle roll pump twist and then some

Ain't no law here you can't protest this

Stop looking around it ain't no oasis

You can't leave till the man pulls the needle

Take that as a warning

Take heed or I'll quicken the pitch and make you dance faster

The drum is the whip, bass line is the master

The temperature's a 100 and yet you still want more

You're a slave and your trapped on the dance floor

Oh oh I'm trapped like a


I can't get out

Can't you see I'm trapped

Can't you see I'm so confused

I can't get out

Now your wondering lost in a jungle


Уилл Смит

Trapped on the Dance Floor / Уилл Смит

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