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Уилл Смит Уилл Смитактер

The Men of Your Dreams


Yeah, this is Prince, whose this?

Yo, what's up baby, how you doin?

Oh, I'm tryin to see you on a personal tip

You know that, right?

Ah come on

You been tellin me that for years

You're a little bit older than me, you know?

You're 30 years old and I'm 20

Age ain't nothin but a number, baby

Hey look, I'm young but I'm real strong


Hey look, I know that, I know, I know

I can't sport you around in my Benzito

And take you out to dinner and be seen

You know

That's cool, though

I tell you what

I tell you what

Got sumthin that can remedy for this problem

This is what I want you to do

I want you to get a globe, right?

I want you to spin the globe, spin it hard baby

Pick anywhere in the world

And I'll take you there

We'll be together, alright?

You with that?

Greek mythological gods are inferior

Studs and playboys, come on, I'm superior

Any man can look and see where the curves are

It takes a real man to find where the nerves are

Women like huggin, kissin and caressing

And a slow undressing

Calm down, chill out, take your time, dude

Don't be all rough and fast like a monsoon

Women are soft and fragile, you know delicate

It's really not appealing to then when the fella gets

All worked up and rushes to the pinnacle

You might think so, but yo, they ain't with it though

Candlelight dinner, just you and her in a

Nice restaurant is always a winner

Then ah - if she is first rate and on the first date

She says no, be patient, don't push her, just wait

Because a woman is a gift to a man

They like you real hard but with a gentle hand

So get your act together cause if you're trippin up


Уилл Смит

The Men of Your Dreams / Уилл Смит

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