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The Girlie Had a Mustache

(Get down)

I was cruisin down the avenue early one Friday

When I saw what I thought was a lady walkin my way

I turned my back to mama can I blast

And I said hmm excuse me and she walked past

She was about five foot six or maybe six and a half

With a body like a goddess, man, this girl was bad!

Tight leather pants that fit like a drum

And two big - yeah well, she had some

Anyway from behind she was fine

But when she turned around, her mustache was bigger than mine

At first I laughed, cause yo, to me that was funny

But the laughter ceased when she said hey honey

At first I was confused, I was somewhat spell-bound

My mouth wide open and my chin on the ground

And then it hit me, like a bolt from the sky

I thought: hold up - wait - this girl is a guy

I tried to get away, I said, Well, never mind

Maybe I'll see you some other time

But then he grabbed me by my arm and told me I couldn't leave

And said, Hey boy, you look mighty cute in them jeans

This had to be the most embarrassing thing in the world

My whole neighbourhood was watching me get beat up by a girl

And when my homeboys came, they didn't let me explain

They said prince, you're a sucker, you should be ashamed

My pride was busted right along with my eye

Cause my homeboys didn't realize that this girl was a guy

And in retrospect I had to laugh

I can't believe I didn't notice that this girlie had a mustache

(get down)

I remember last year, the day was October 5th

And my family went away on a weekend ski trip

And they left $100 and a note by the phone

That said don't have any company till we get home

No company I'm 18 They must be jokin!

And by 10 my crib was smokin

All of my friends with their

Уилл Смит

The Girlie Had a Mustache / Уилл Смит

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