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Уилл Смит Уилл Смитактер

The Reverend

Now brothers and sisters

There comes a time in your life you've got to get up and get busy

Can I get a witness?

(Yes, brother, yes!)

Now I don't know if you're prepared to embark upon this journey

But the time is running out

Brother Jazzy, break it down

Liggedy-ladies and gentlemen, hello, and how are you doin all?

Now there's a problem that we really have got to solve

In our society there's a big mess

People are having entirely too much stress

Now me and Jeff, yo, we've been workin on

A way to ease your everyday burdens of

Work and school, because we thought that we should

Make a record that makes people feel good

This is a remedy, simple and basic

You work too hard, come on, face it

You gotta treat yourself, you deserve it

Dance like a wild person, come on, you earned it

Young and old and old and young

Relax, come on, cool out, come and get some

You gotta let yourself go get loose, it's

Cool - dance to the music

TGIF this beat is def

Can I get a witness, Jeff? (Yes)

Are you ready to start things off yet?

Aight bet

Clap your hands and dance, come on, let's do this

Here is a hip-hop track with a new twist

Designed to ignite ya subliminal dance fuse

And even if you can't dance, you can't lose!

It's for everybody, you included

We hooked up a beat and a rhyme and eq'ed it

We put it on a tape and took it to wax

And then we - yo Jeff, where's my beat at?

Oh, there it is, back to the story line

The music and rhymin designed to make you have a (good time)

At the party, or wherever you hear it pumpin

Get up and twist or breakdance or shake somethin

Yo man, this groove is all of that!

And it's different from anything wec

Уилл Смит

The Reverend / Уилл Смит

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