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Who Stole My Car

Yo jeff whats up holmes

Yo Whats up prince

Yo whats up man

Ay wheres my car at

Wheres your car why you asking me

No I parked my car right here your standing here wheres my car

I been ere for an hour and a half I ain't seen it

Come on man stop playing jeff wheres my car at

No I'm serious man it's not in my pocket I haven't seen your car

Jeff wheres my car I parked my car right here man

I don't know!

Now a joke is a joke and fun and games are chill

But this isn't funny this is straight up ill

Now there's a limit to humour and this is gone too far

I ain't laughing no more y'all now who stole my car

I don't know man

I don't know if y'all ever had a car stolen before

But it's a real crazy feeling when you walk out the door

And you don't need a map or any kind of chart

That your standing in the spot where your car used to be parked

Now you know you parked your car their but yet you keep looking

Cause your mind didn't except yet that somebody took it

So your scratching your head and trying to get things clear and theres always some idiot who says

You sure you parked here

To call the police would be the move that's smart

But instead you keep looking where you know you didn't park

Searching for reasons like maybe tickets you owed

Something to justify that maybe it got towed

But not stolen naa never forget it

But then you ask yourself well where the hell is it

If there was a prize you'd win dummy of the year

Cause you looking somewhere else when you know you parked it here

So to never never land you find yourself strolling

And when you finally except that its stolen

You call the police and they come and say

That's the 437th car stolen today-acapo

Уилл Смит

Who Stole My Car / Уилл Смит

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