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Уилл Смит Уилл Смитактер

Numero uno

One one

Grand number

Grand numero

Court is now in session

Here ye here ye all listen close

To the man the myth the fresh the prince the utmost

I got a brain like a cup and rhymes I pour em spectrum to the astra dome to bore em

All the way to wembley fans are in a frenzy doing what I gotta do to make people remember me

Fast like flo jo crazy like cujo

Both I know and you know that I'm numero uno

My crew is numero

Order in the court prepare to cop the plea sucker

Judge jury bailiff their all me

Your on trial but you can't win

Cause I wrote the script you die in the end

So throw in the towel sign off just give it up

You tried to beat me in a game that I made up

And by the time you learnt the rules and tried to change your fate

Its too little too late sorry chump check mate

I'm in the room to do my thing

You wanna battle lets go just get your butt in the ring

10 seconds and its over I yell out who's next

I got you off guard with the lyrical suplex

I flex my lyrics so that you cant jinx

The ship that wont sink more popular than the sphynx

I'm a cardo will strong just like a dinosaur

You want more your not scared then what your running for

Cause I'm the incredible I do the impossible

I'm known to destro you and your crew if you follow the rules

I'm number one I'm the prince I'm the lyrical gun

What you're dissing me yo cut that out son

Cause I'm a weapon you heard what I said

And I should have a danger sign on my forehead

Cause I'm lethal fatal unstable

I'm nitro standing in front of a mic cable

Waiting to blow if there's a flick or a static

To ignite the fuse in the room you feel the doom

You tried to break but there's no escape

From the

Уилл Смит

Numero uno / Уилл Смит

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