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Lovely Daze

It's ten a.m. and I just woke up

Walked to the window and opened the shades up

Sun so bright that I can hardly see

But I'm a black man

So I pass on a tan

Dip to the bathroom take me a shower

But first called up my girl told her be ready in an hour

I was still a bit tired man I'm laggin'

Grabbed the tooth brush to kil the dragon

Ooh have mercy great day in the morning

Turn on the water and I'm stretchin' and yawnin'

Tryin' to get a blender to hot with the cold

Man I'm young but why I feel so old

Get it just right then step to the mirror

Rubbin' my eyes to make my vision get clearer

Everything looks a-o.k.

And today is gonna be a lovely day

1 - (a lovely day)

lovely day

lovely day

lovely day

lovely day

So I jet out the crib and hop in the benzo

Today is my girls day and all of my friends go

Just me and her top down on the highway

If you're gonna do it then why not do it the fly way

First a car wash next the barber shop

Then off to my girls crib that's my next stop

A dozen roses a card and candy

I'm a true mackadocious mr. Romanty

She hoped in and she asked where we're goin'

Yo we like a twig in the nile we just flowin'

Maybe to the beach or maybe hook up a picnic

But yo it doesn't matter cause today we just kickin' it

I threw in my homemade slow tape

And off to the beach for some beautiful landscape

Man this is a bonafide lovers delight

Got the ocean on the left the mountains on the right

I said yeah cause that's the way i was feelin'

Free as a bird got the clouds for a ceiling

I wish that i could rest my gas and fly away

Today has been a lovely day

Repeat 1

It's dark outsid

Уилл Смит

Lovely Daze / Уилл Смит

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