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Уилл Смит Уилл Смитактер

Its All Good

It's all good, pop the bubbly, life is lovely

All sun no rain

No strain, can't complain

Pass Hell pain, but no Coumbaya

Now I Boomshaka-laka-laka Boo-ah-ah

I got the good life, no strife, real nice

An I'm a papa my son Trey haha

An when I'm on tour, he be mad I'm gone

But then he smile an come runnin screamin "daddy's home"

Then he hold me, slightly tightly

Mom, your wish came true-I got one just like me

My life be so good, so good

Ka-chicka-chicka Ka-chicka-chicka-good

Things come to those who wait

But too late my life's to great to wait

I wanna, celebrate good times, c'mon

1 - Livin lovin, lovin livin, it's all good

I'm lovin livin, it's all good

Repeat 1 (3x)

I wake up every morning in the canopy bed

Slip a kiss to the Miss, you the man she says

Mirror, mirror, need I call?

You know, uno, bad breath an all

Times I been fed up, still didn't let up

'Stead a doin dirt, did work and kept my head up

Set up

For the future, much love to my girl

North Pole got my butt cold (sittin on top of the world)

An I'm feelin (so high)

Touch the ceiling (the sky)

You say I smile cause I'm on top of the pie

But yo, the cream can only finance the smile for a little while

My grin got longevity, got family backin me

That's why I'm livin happily

Ever after, love and laughter

Hussle cause I wants to, not cause I have to

Ask yourself, who made the polar caps melt?

FP, the phenomenon, true Don Juan, Jon Blaze

The Fonz ain't seen my Happy Days

The track plays, I'm in the shades, singin a phrase

Repeat 1 (4x)

They say the clothes don't make the man

Take my han

Уилл Смит

Its All Good / Уилл Смит

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