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Уилл Смит Уилл Смитактер

Im Comin

Ugh, Ugh, I'm comin'...

...Watch ya back, I'm comin...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh...

Big Will for the Y2K, ugh

Feel the Earth tremble, see the skies turn red

Eclipses, shooting stars, turn ya head

Volcanoes erupted, rage in the sea

Ain't the second coming of Christ

The first coming of me

They say if you downward the Nile

It would throw off the rotation of the Earth

Well, messing with me is worse

Feel the rain, button up you overcoat

Watch the illest ??? bad boy go quote for quote

Well, ya'll want the best, well, I'm right here

You looking for competition, ain't no one there

Ya'll in the stands dissin', kickin' dirt and missin'

My heavenly flow put MC's in hell's kitchen, ugh

And I'm so, I'm so hot, hot, ya'll burnin' up, HOT

I step in, it's like the wedding between Hope and Armaggedon

The Hip Hop Moses to where we headin' y'all

1 - I'm comin', I'm comin,

You can't stop me, you can't stop me,

I'm comin', I'm comin',

Can't hold me back, uh uh,

I'm comin', I'm comin,

You can't stop me, you can't stop me,

I'm comin', I'm comin'...

When I was born there was a rainbow formed with no sun

Roy G Bid marking the path for the chosen one

An angel, my grandma, told me before she died

Smart folks don't need to put no cursing in they rhymes

So from CD to TV to movies back to rhymin'

My lifestats makes Jordan's six rings look common

Ya'll hate, I retaliate, just by being great

Big Will the enemy of your mental state

With the same rhyme I used to burn your idol in a battle

To subdue you into saying, "Look, I don't wanna battle,"

MIB, WB mad respect

Уилл Смит

Im Comin / Уилл Смит

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