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Pete Dialogue Live At Leeds University 1970

Townshend: "We'd like ta carry on now, and play a song originally

recorded by Mose Allison, who's really a jazz musician 'n' I did read

something on one of his record covers which said he was a jazz 'sage.'

Quite what that means, I don't know. Uh..."

Keith Moon: "He'll flavor chicken."

[audience laughs]

Townshend: "And-- [chuckles] 'n' we picked up quite a number of his

songs; 'Eyesight to the Bilnd,' which is on the 'Tommy' album, and also

this song, which I think 'as gotta be one of his best. It's one of 'is

own compositions which he wrote when he was about forty."

Moon: "Teenager!"

Townshend: [chuckles] "Just a mere teenager 'n' he called it 'Young Man

Blues.' "

[audience applauds

The Who

Pete Dialogue Live At Leeds University 1970 / The Who

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