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 Whitesnake WhitesnakeБритано-американская рок-группа, играющая хард-рок

Sunny Days

I'm tired of bars in Boston

Been feeling sodall in New York

Scared to come to Houston

And I'm tired of feeling sore

Don't want to draw a line baby

Don't want to set in no fight

I just wanna go in

A rock and roll show

I'm unwinding get me higher

Remember to see how it is

So before be kins pick up another mind (?)

Tomorrow is good again

You're so crazy the road

Can make you crazy

Made you bold-good as gold

Don't let it tear you up

Take me back to sunny days again

I won't believe it till summer ends

Meet the end come and be your friend

The lord can have me any day I'm afraid


Here, there, and everywhere

No doubt about it I have my share

Claim to truth I've got my rock and roll shoes

But I never, never thought

I'd see the day

When I'll be dancing alone baby

Baby while the music plays


Sunny Days / Whitesnake

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