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 Whitesnake WhitesnakeБритано-американская рок-группа, играющая хард-рок

Goldies Place

I've been looking for shelter for a man

Walking in circles coming back again

Looking out your window waiting for a ride

May not be the sweetest woman

But I love the way you smile

Looks like I've been this way before

Knocking on the same old door

Tell me stranger have you seen

The door my baby tried

Well you can shake it, fake it

Make me felt, so fine

You can always tell a road rat

But you know you got to draw the line

Like satin or lace,

With a painted face

I get my loving

I leave no trace

You can drop a bomb

But it don't come free

If you want you

Can do it for me

Follow me down, follow me down

Down to Goldie's place see you there


Give me perfume garter


Goldies Place / Whitesnake

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