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Money To Burn

Well the world just keeps on turning

And people keep on learning

It's crazy to be earning

All the money that you're burning

But if you fool yourself

An' think you're really strong

Someone gonna see you

Show you that you're wrong..

Cos you can't take it with you

If you got money to burn

Someone gonna get you

If you've got money to burn...

Riding in your Roller

Oh, think you're pretty cool

But the big man's got your number

And he's just playing you for a fool

Can't take it with you

Your money to burn

I'm gonna give you

For your money to burn

Don't wanna be learn

when i'm going down

when i'm getting .. for it

I ain't hanging 'round

For ain't no dollar

ain't gonna turn

but I don't want money,

ain't want no money

Money to Burn

Money to Burn

Money, Money...


Money To Burn / Whitesnake

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