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Blood, Milk, And Sky

The siren sings a

Lonely song of all the

Wants and hungers

The lust of love a brute

Desire - the ledge of life

Goes under - Divide the

Dream into the flesh

Kaleidoscope and -

Candle eyes - Empty

Winds scrape on the

Soul - but never stop

To realize -

Animal whisperings

Intoxicate the night

Hypnotize the deperate

Slow motion light - Wash

Away into the rain

Blood, milk and sky

Hollow moons illuminate

And beauty never dies

Running wild running blind

I breathe the body deep

1,000 years beside myself

I do not sleep - Seduce

The world it never

Screams Dead water lies

Ride the only one who

Knows - Beauty never dies

White zombie

Blood, Milk, And Sky / White zombie

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