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I Was Only Kidding

Al Yankovic)

When I said I'd be faithful

When I promised I'd be true

When I swore that I could never

Be with anyone but you

When I told you that I loved you

With those tender words I spoke

I was only kidding

Now, can't you take a joke?

When I said that I need you, baby

When I told you I really care

When I said that I can't live without you

When I said I'd follow you anywhere

When I said you could always trust me

When I said I'd never leave you flat

Well, gues what? I was only kidding, baby

I can('t belieeeeeve you fell for that! You're so gullible...


(I was only kidding) I was only kidding

(I was only kidding) I was only kidding

I was only kidding

Now I'm sorry if you misunderstood, but the fact remains

(I was only kidding) I was only kidding

(I was only kidding) I was only kidding

Well I guess I got you pretty good, now listen

When I said that I love you baby

>From the very bottom of my heart

When I said that I miss you so baby

Every second that we're apart

When I sore that you're just getting more and more

Beautiful every day

Well, I was only kidding, honey

Whaat's that matter with you anyway?

Let me tell you something


Well I guess it probably hurts you a bit,

But you gotta know

I really love you...NOT!

When I said you oughta marry me

When I said that we should settle down

Well, I was pullin' your leg there, honey

I was just foolin' around

You see, I-I never meant to upset you, darlin'

I never meant to hurt anyone

I was only kidding, baby

Why don't you just put down that gun?

Let's talk this over


Watch where you're pointing that thing!

Hey, I'm sorry if your heart is broke

You gotta realize



Вейрд Эл Янкович

I Was Only Kidding / Вейрд Эл Янкович

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