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Вейрд Эл Янкович Вейрд Эл ЯнковичАмериканский певец, музыкант, актер, сатирик, пародист, поэт-песенник, аккордеонист и телевизионный продюсер

Airline Amy

Al Yankovic)

Met this pretty young stewardess on a non-stop flight

She showed me to my seat and it was love at first sight

Now lately I've been flying to all kinds of places

That I never really wanted to go

'Cause I'll do anything just to spend a little time

With the cutest flight attendant I know


You set my ever-lovin' heart on fire, Airline Amy

Tell me I'm your favorite frequent flier, Airline Amy

Found a little piece of heaven on a 747

And no one else can take me higher than Airline Amy

Every one of our dates is at thirty thousand feet

She always points out the exits to me, she's so sweet

You know she gets me my headphones for free

Refills my coffee cup whenever I ask

And you gotta admit my baby looks pretty hot

When she ain't wearin' that oxygen mask


Amy, darlin', don't you know, you really drive me nuts

Every time you're handing out those honey roasted peanuts

Airline Amy, this is my new mission

Gotta get you in an upright locked position



Вейрд Эл Янкович

Airline Amy / Вейрд Эл Янкович

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