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Дэвид Уэйн Дэвид УэйнАмериканский актер


Most of this is filler

Use it anywhere you please

I'm not going to fight it out

All the decoration that is getting such attention

Lacks a little gravity to me

But no offense

Call me if you need me

I would hate to think I let you down

And you can find me even when there's no

One else around

Temporary is what it is

But I've got different blood

When you hear a whip do you

Focus from the fear of a little pain

Always worked and never fed

Scars can always tell the story

But it just ends up in vain

If you get scarred again the same way

Call me...

I don't know when this was new

Only new to me

Дэвид Уэйн

Temporary / Дэвид Уэйн

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