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Дэвид Уэйн Дэвид УэйнАмериканский актер

Slow Down

I can carry this so far and then something must give way

Searching a lifetime for nothing wouldn't seem fair

Bored by the overdone drama of it all

Puzzled by the thin antique face there on the wall

Following something that someone said must be there

Pull back the reins and slow this mother down I'm falling off

The faster you move the closer to the end and there's a lot that I haven't done

I can see for the most part things that might drift away

and with the speed that they pick up something must be there

So I pull back the reigns...

It's so simple when it's all brand new

Somehow it all catches up with you

Just don't let it slice you up and pass you around

I will pull back the reins...

Дэвид Уэйн

Slow Down / Дэвид Уэйн

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