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God Dont Make Lonely Girls


Looks like you aint done nothing good

When it aint supposed to do

Oh no no no no

I seen her downtown

bout an hour ago

Behind the glass at a peep show

I got nervous cause I dont know

Can she see me behind that window?

Its almost nine and Im back in line

I cant get the girl with the spanish tears

Out of my mind

Ive got to make her mine, all mine

But somethin is wrong

She dont belong

She oughta be back where shes from

Maybe back on this mexico city

Man, I dont know her

But she sure is pretty


But God dont make lonely girls

Sure didnt want em in his world

God dont make lonely girls

Yeah, yeah, doo doo doo doo

Now when I make that girl all mine

Im gonna stand by her

Once I get inside of

Her barbed wire

Once I get inside

I bet shed look good in a brand new dress

She never felt good in her fish net

Shes got to be this towns best mess

But it aint nothin that her face would suggest


I gotta make her see

Im a guarantee

Oh, if shed only come along with me

Well I can make her see

Gonna take a walk right through these walls

cause shes comin home with me

I aint even gonna touch her at all

Man, Im only gonna lay awake and watch her sleep



God Dont Make Lonely Girls / Wallflowers

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