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Джон Уэйт Джон УэйтИсполнитель и вокалист музыкальных групп 'Babys' и 'Bad English'

White Lightning

When I was young, they took me to the dentist

I had a toothache, but that's okay

They gave me some time, and that night in my bedroom

I worked it loose, like I used to do

One little boy in a dangerous chair

Heard a hundred angels flying past him, what a gas, sitting there

The same little boy with a few more years

Took a sniff of this, a taste of that, what a drag, nothing there

And then one day he saw you walk, and heard you didn't talk

Saw the writing on the wall, it didn't thunder anymore


White lightning, it's got nothing on you

Lucy in the sky with diamonds, oh it didn't shine like you, Lord

White lightning, way out in the blue

With a million angels singin', oh it didn't sound like you, Lord


Come on to tell when I tell you to breathe in

I will take out everything while you're sleeping

Always refusing the heavenly music

When you awake, it will have a new meaning


] (repeats 2x)


Джон Уэйт

White Lightning / Джон Уэйт

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