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Dance Yourself To Death

My liberated parents
They’re going out tonight
They read the happiest magazines
They’ve loosened their uptights
Dad’s wearing real tight Levis
And some Gucci tennis shoes

He’s got a T-shirt custom made for him
Sayin’ ‘Give Me Pot Not Booze’

I get a kiss goodbye
I get all numb and high
From all the smoke left on their breath
I smile and wish them well
Then I pray like hell
They go and dance themselves to death

Mom’s hair’s all green and dirty
She wears a high-tech Devo suit
She changed her name to ‘Xerox’
She hides Quaaludes in her boots
Oh, me, I’m real embarrassed
When I hear the things they do
They kinda compromise my social position
My coolitivity is suffering too

Come on momma, come on daddy
Come on skinny, come on fatty

Элис Купер

Dance Yourself To Death / Элис Купер

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