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(feat. Petey Pablo)


Wha-what what-what-wha-what, wha-what what what-wha-wha-what

Wha-what what-what-wha-what, what what what-wha-wha-what

Put in that thang, put me in that bank, whoo!

Put me in that drank, put me in that thang, what!

Put me in that drank, put me in that thang

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Freaky-freaky-freaky - uhh

Put me in that drank, put me in that game, YO

Put me in that Range, better yet that Phillies YO

Put me with them clothes, Coogie at the toes

Tim about to let us know - WHOA, WHOA, WHOA

Put me with them models, put me in new models YO

Gimme face lifts, manicures you silly hoe

You was bowlegged now you walk pigeon-toed

You came in the front, I kick you out the back do'

I'm a landlord, drug dealers cockroach(?)

Who got the forty-five, I got the crossroads(?)

I'm chillin in Cuba, chillin in the Pocanos

We some down-to-earth fools, who don't act first

We gettin rowdy and we bust them things yo

That's what you get, for messin with us country folk

I'm from V-A and I got it locked yo

I'm from V-A and I got it hot yo

[Chorus: Petey Pablo]

It's SERIOUS! We came to handle our business

Handle these niggaz, handle these bitches

It's SERIOUS! Only game we playin is ours

And we ain't gon' never foul out

[repeat 2X]



Put me in that Lex', let her give me head in it

Put me in the room, hit her on the bed in it

Get me on the corner I'ma sell the whole load

Niggaz try to rock when the nine out unload

Unload my world like a St. Louie Ram

Put it down like a Florida at the screen jam(?)

Y'all fuckin with the ultimate

Shit in the park pu


Serious / Тимбаланд

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