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Considerate Brotha

(feat. Ludacris)


Ahh.. yea, yEAH

Disturbin' Tha Peace, the Beat Club

Ludacris - straight from the ATL

We gon' take it to NC, to VA

To L.A., to N.Y., and e'rywhere in between

Uh, we gon' do it like this, Timbaland Magoo

Check it out


Mag meetcha at, 711 a quarter to seven

Buy rubbers six-fifty then we fuckin this heaven

My bastard ass the kid momma let him hit it

He gon' nut up in ya mouth and she bet' not spit it

Look, bein a mack is all about your game

I maim hoes for makin me cum, then make her buy me some rum

I got the town ho-infested, you seen 'em

Invested in prostitution, turned it into an institution

Well be far be it from me, to advertise my enterprise

All I'm sayin man, my street shit is organized

I got it franchised, from city to city, state to state

Don't look at the house, I own the whole estate

But wait (but wait).. baby baby baby baby shake too (shake too)

Baby baby (baby baby).. make too (make too)

Baby baby baby baby shake too, make too

[Chorus (Timbaland)]

I don't love 'em (no) I don't need 'em (no)

I might hug 'em (yea) I might feed 'em (yea)

You can call me (you can call) a considerate brotha (say what?)

A considerate brotha (that's what I am)

I will touch 'em (what) but won't beat 'em (what)

I will fuss wit 'em (ah) I never mistreat 'em (uh)

You can call me (call me) a considerate brotha (say what?)

A considerate brotha



Wakin up Saturday about to press my suit

Wakin up early about to fix me some orange juice

I got my chicks LINED UP, which one 'em I'm gonna choose

I got


Considerate Brotha / Тимбаланд

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