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Poor Mans Son

Baby if you really love me

You had better understand

That the silver in your pocket

Aint no measure of a man

*And though the fortunes of our fathers

We aspire to rise above

When youre born into a breed

Youre signed in blood*

**Im a poor mans son

Workin all night long

Got a bad guitar

And a simple song

Youre a rich mans daughter

Look at what youve done

You went and fell in love

With a poor mans son**

Baby you were born in splendor

To a house of wealth and fame

Your mother was a spender

And you grew up on a stage

And girl you coulda loved for money

Coulda fooled around for fame

You went and took a chance

On the real thing

( * Repeat )

( ** Repeat )


Poor Mans Son / Survivor

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