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Cant Let You Go

Two eyes that haunt me

When I turn out the light

Two lips that taunt me

From the darkness each night

I try and hide my heart

To keep my distance in the dark

What makes me fall apart

And call out your name

Just when I'm certain

That you're out of my mind

This feeling grips me

So hard to define

This yearning inside

Just can't deny it

*My heart's been branded

I can't let you go

Don't understand it

Just can't tell you no

Don't leave me stranded

Cause I just can't let you go*

It's such a fine line

I walk on the wire

Your heart's a magnet

Pulling me to the fire

Girls like you are hard to shake

Like habits hard as hell to break

It might be my mistake

But I need you tonight

You must have something

To have held me so long

I'm not accustomed

To a feeling so strong

Don't tell me it's wrong

Just can't deny it

( * Repeat)


Cant Let You Go / Survivor

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