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No Fuckn Problem

You talk your shit, but I ain't listenin'

And I don't do no ass kiss'n

Now here's the point that you've been missing

No fuck'n problem at all

Ain't got no fuck'n problem, I got no fuck'n

problem at all

You ain't alive - if you ain't livin'

You waste your life whining and sniveling

So buckle up cause now I'm driving

No fuck'n problem at all

You think you know everything and more

But a surprise you'll be in for

Add it all up and you got no score

No fuck'n problem at all

You play the part - that I got no use

Don't mean a thing cause you got no juice

I live in peace I don't need a truce

No fuck'n problem at all

I got a piece but not to the puzzle

No time to think staring down a muzzle

I rise above and watch you fizzle

No fuck'n problem at al

Suicidal Tendencies

No Fuckn Problem / Suicidal Tendencies

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