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What You Needs A Friend

I leach off you when things are good

I'm there to kick you when you're down

But when you need me I'm not there

You're such a bummer when you're down

Let's see - what you need's a friend

They say - that all you need's a friend

I know - what you need's a friend

Hello - I could use a...

What you need's a friend - all you need's a friend

And of course we always share

So what I want you better give

And what is yours is mine

And what is mine you can't have

I'd do anything for you - anything

Just you ask me and it's done - anything

But everything has its price

You should have read the fine print ha-ha!

Friend. Hi, friend. Friend. It's me friend!

What you need's a friend. All you need's a friend

What you need's another friend. You never can have

enough friends. Don't you wanna be my friend?

I'm so glad you're my friend. Sucker

Of course you know who I am

And I'll never let you forget

You are stuck with me forever

Or until you have nothin' more to give

Suicidal Tendencies

What You Needs A Friend / Suicidal Tendencies

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