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Log Cabin Fever (N Finn)

Downstairs in the cellar drums are beating

Wounded no discomfort emotions bleeding

In the river alone always alone out of my depth

Headlong to the ocean with I sink or swim

Heard them tell the story of mad old Jim

Found him in his cabin with his head caved in

Waiting out the winter was a little too much for him

It's cold out hear the wind howl down the chimney

Wish I could just cry out to someone, help

but we live in isolation of the cruelest kind

Scared to show our colours to the world

Time to break away from my condition

Rejoin the human race, see what I'm missing

Try to face the day my private passion

Is eating me away

Log cabin fever (x3)

It's a remote possibility

Log cabin fever

It's an impossible delivery

Log cabin fever

It's not an impossibility

[repeat til fade]

Split Enz

Log Cabin Fever (N Finn) / Split Enz

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