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Dont Do The Crime (aka Death Row Killaz)

[chorus, snoop singing]

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time


Don't do it

Fell off into a party in the cpt

Niggas looking at me strange

But i'm up on the game

I ain't fucking with them niggas no mo

Shit, i feel the same way ya'll feel

Nigga, fuck death row (ha ha)

I cut em loose, send em juice

With visine in their cup

Catch em slipping, all my homeys get em stuck

It's the tale of a whale locked in a cell

On the streets he was the heat cause cuz had major mail

Had his homeboys plugged, wearing gold chains

Hanging at the studio, splurging and thangs

Nigga fucking off money, saving them hoes

Fucked off some money of mine

And bought me a white rolls

Living on wilshire in a penthouse suite

Fucking bad bitches seven days a week

Colder than a motherfucker but now i'm hot

Floss me a brand new suit from dionne scott

I guess i'm balling now

Money falling down

I can hear them movie star bitches calling me now

Doggy dogg come and get with the pg

Mr. calvin broadus could you please come and see me

But i ain't tripping, i'm just dogg pound cripping

Talking big shit and in a bulletproof dipping

Make my own beats, so fuck ya'll too

And i'm down with the niggas from the you know who

We get to the point

Blaze the joint

Step into the party and holla at everybody

As long as the gin get mixed with juice

And the five on the crap game gon hit with deuce

Shit niggas gon be niggas so nigga nigga what

Just because i'm having paper don't mean fuck

I once was in the same predicament you was

Thinking to myself "damn should i kill cuz?"

But i know deep in my heart

Two wrong

Снуп Догг

Dont Do The Crime (aka Death Row Killaz) / Снуп Догг

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