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Cant Go For That (Remix)

[Snoop] (Missy)

What's happenin' baby? (what's up Snoop?)

Over there lookin' all good (heh, yeah)

Oh, you don't like gangsta's? (I mean)

But you ain't even heard what I have to say

I, I just look like this (yeah right)

No, nah, hear me out (yeah)

On the real (oh)

Check this out (uh, do it, uh)


Baby, you finer than a muth...

I don't play basketball or do the fashion mall

They call me Doggy Dogg, the realest of 'em all

You got problems? Then holla at the big Dogg

I come get ya bone, play dumb for you

I got a little somethin' to do

Then I got a little somethin' for you

Just don't play no games with me baby

Cuz I could get you what you need

If you just let a gangsta proceed

Spank you, drink you up under the table

And at the end of the night, I let you run my doghouse

Kink, erotic, exotic, whatever

You want it? I got it

You can get it forever

DPG, see, that's my set

If you get with me, I'll give you somethin' that you'll never forget


[Tamia, Missy]

I can't go for that, no no, no can do

I can't go for that, no no, no can do

I can't go for that, no no, no can do

I can't go for that, can't go for that

Can't go for that

[Warren G]

You said it's on, babygirl, I could tell in your voice

I want it all, breasts and thighs, plus a short mini-skirt

Make it work, so I can see you jiggle

And play dot to dot, let me put it in the middle

Make you wiggle like a worm when this ball is dropped

No Viagra needed, cuz you know I stay weeded

Like a champion soldier, uh

And it ain't no fun if I can't hold ya

You can't go

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Cant Go For That (Remix) / Снуп Догг

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