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You Got What I Want(feat. Goldie Loc, Ludacris, Charlie Wils

Yeah, this pimping stay open all night

Check this out Jellyroll...

[Snoop Dogg]

We do break hoes

We don't fuck with fake hoes

Yeah, we make hoes

Strip down to they panty hose

Pop your whip, now grab that bitch

Pimping Snoop ain't having it

Oh you like pussy, congratulations

I'm trying to get your ass in my congregations

I keep three hoes in my room at one time

Two nickels and the other's a dime

You wouldn't wanna, keep a hood on her

When I'm dropping that motherfucking wood on her

Cause I perform, a G like Warren

A nigga getting paid off shooting porn

They call me the black folks President

Snoop Heffner mixed with a little bit of Doggy Flint

Banging this parliament, come get a bar with this

You would wanna be a part of this, oh bitch ass nigga

Quit playing with the hoe, and let me borrow the bitch

[Chorus: Charlie Wilson]

You got what I want

Tell me if you want, just what I want

Cause I got, what you need

Baby if you need some, get it from me

Cause I got, what you want

I want you to want, just what I want

Just want, what I want

Ooh you got just what I want

[Goldie Loc]

Look mama make you hot like a corn to pop

And watch how fast you see a nigga boxers drop

I'm trying to work it fast, but I know you like it slow

You know I got to bust a nut and hurry up and go

You got something that I want right now

Hurry up and let me put the black spot on the cow

Make the pussy ball up like salt to a snail

And when I kill it big daddy, I want you to tell

Cause I don't give a damn when it come to freaking hoes

Call up forty hoes, and have a rolly peep show

And when you give me something, you gone want something back

This dick to your mouth, little mama like that

Fish cost too much, so I feed her sardines

Man I'm the motherfucking MVP of the team

Cold game how a nigga steady spitting this shit

make her mama jump back and say bitch is a pimp


[Charlie Wilson]

Of course she love my nine

Bitch I got that antidote

Got a bigger dick that'll crack your spine

Then I'm gonna let it inside your throat


Tricked out, kicked out get her on gone

Ludacris on the motherfucking microphone

Heey, what's up I came to pimp

Fur hats and fur clothes, and a razor tim

Biiiiatch, I got it made

Just pick one of my hoes, and I got it leid

You never heard as many bitches so fast and frequent

Can I get the ends, bitch delinquents

Run my bath water, cook my meals

And SHUT THE FUCK UP, when I book the deals

And iron my draws, give me cuffs and creases

It's your nephew come to fuck your nieces

[Chorus - 2x]

Gimme what I want

I got what you need

Gimme what I want

Yeah, yeah

Снуп Догг

You Got What I Want(feat. Goldie Loc, Ludacris, Charlie Wils / Снуп Догг

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