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Hit Rocks


Cuz were all a little strong

In the beach where the papers long

but as for me I only G when I'm buss'n rocks

Now when I wake up in the morining

and I get up out my bed

I fell good, oh yes I do

Cause I still can give it up for you {What up cuz}


Cuz where all a little strong

In the beach where the papers long

but as for me I only G when I'm buss'n rocks {Dogg Pound}

Cuz were all a little strong

In the beach where the papers long

but as for me I only G when I'm Buss'n rocks {So take that}

[Verse One:]

You know you gotta have heart

I told you niggas from the start

If I'm still in it I'm in it for life

Always stay down and keep my muthafucking game tight

Cuz ever since elementary or was it pre school cool

I was a muthafuckin fool

I had to have papers it was routine

A young nigga on a mission for them collard greens

I shake niggas, break niggas, make niggas , shank theyselves

For fuckin with my wealth

and it'll catch on

Cuz if it don't it's on

and cuz I ain't even slippin when I'm all alone

Sittin back laughin' in the chronic zone

Clown me ya gone

Surround me it's on

and it's the same old song

Niggas paper so long

They call him Snoop Capone

So if you want me, get me , got me

Should of had shot him

but now they call me Snoop Gotti

and that's all I LBC betta yet

That's all I DPGC


Hook w/ chorus]

Yea Eastside

Yea Westside

Yea Eastside, for life

[Verse Two]

I'm slappin bones

Tryin to get some bones

With some dogg pound gangstas in front of my home

Bigg 6, bigg 5 3's with ya bitch

My girls in the kitchen cookin up some fish

I'm blastin at this nigga that was trippin

Knuckle head nigga, thought I was slippin

but I wasn't slippin I was on deck

I blast his ass peck peck know his shirts wet

Dead gone lights out

With no remorse, I had to take him out

I'm laughin at this shit cause it was funny

Fuckin with the dogg I take your life and your money

and now I dip too my spot

and set up shop with yo rocks

and bet nobody speak on the 8-7

Cuz still all dogg go to heaven

From my hood to your hood

Game reconize it's all to the good

So heres a toast to the indo

Doing it like it's the thang to do

I thought you knew

[Chorus: 2X

Hook w/ chorus]

Eastside, westside


Eastside for life


[Verse Three]

Freestylin C-stylin

Snoop and Pooh comin through fixin to take you to the island

Where the bitches and the bud come free

and everybody listen to the D-O double G

Hoes on my dick, niggas on my nuts

People be lovin me because I drop cuts

That makes sense and make big money

See Snoop is that nigga who don't half to play funny

but I got yo honey up under my wing

Cuz she like that song that the bow wow sing

I'll put her in a cling

I won't buy her a ring

but I'll put her on a hoe stroll make me

and even if she never saw me befo

Theres just no way that she can tell me no

You know my game unbelievable baby

and it's strong enough to make your grandmama pay me

**Snoop talking**

You know what I'm sayin

Is this the question that you have to ask

Only the strong survive

but you gotta ask the question

See why the survivors Eastsidaz yea


Hook 2X w chorus]

Yea Eastside Westside


Eastside for life

**Snoop talkin**


West coast

Gangsta shit

DJ Pooh

That nigga Snoop Dogg

DPGC yea

Old school to the new school

West coast rules fool

You betta ask sombody



[Chorus to fade]

Снуп Догг

Hit Rocks / Снуп Догг

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