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Brake Fluid (Bitches Pump Yo Brakes)

Album: Tha Last Meal

(feat. Kokane)

[Woman:] Ya baby

[Snoop:] Ya playa

[Woman:] Ya baby

[Snoop:] That's some real pimp shit right here

[Snoop:] These bitches is outta line man

[Man:] What's the matter dog you can't control your bitches?

[Snoop:] Check this out man

[chorus: kokane]

I got bitches all in my game that don't even know my name

then pump your brakes, you hoes


You could talk all day behind my back, but wont say shit in my face

then pump your brakes, you hoes


you are then one, you are then one,

you are then one, you are then one, you are then one, hooo

you are sexy, sexy, sexy, you are so sexy

you are then one, you are then one,

you are then one, you are then one, you are then one, hoo hoo

you are sexy, sexy, sexy, hmmm


Carla, Darla, Charlene and Camina

Tereka and Erika, they love to take care of her

Real motherfucker from the DPG

Keesha, Resha, Tammy and Renesha

I appreciate the way y'all skate

when the clock hit eight

now April and Kate

Y'all be doin' too much

Running your mouths

Fuckin shit up, you gotta get up

cus I done had enough

Getting sick and tired of the same stuff

You told Kamil and she told Karla

and she told April and now they all know

But I could give a fuck 'cus all y'all my hoes

So, all that confronting the real nigga on site

today is today, last night was last night

As I leaned with my hand on my balls

I had to really check these bitches and tell then like this dog



Nina do this and Tina do that

Sabrina, Sakina, nigga them all my hood rats

Back in the days when I was on the ??

At an early age man

I was on the ??

Non-stop, I beat it up and tell that bitch to get going

(They be like hot butter on a breakfast toast)

Hollarin' out, poppin' a collar out

And talkin' shit on the phone to me at my baby-moma's house

(who's she?) Look here bitch do you know who the fuck I am

You better read your motherfuckin' first telegram

you remind me of this bitch that used to work for me

Had to cut the bitch up 'cus she tried to get too close to me

And tried to confront me at a club one night

Fuckin' with her friend, a fake bitch (Is that right?)

But you know I had to stop and appause

And I put my hand on my balls and said ?? what's up dog



I got my own spot and I got my own keys

So can't no bitch talk shit to me

Like Kiki did me, bitch changed the locks

And kicked me up outta spot

I learned a lesson, I wasn't guessin' or stressin'

I got another bitch and she was at the ?? home

She said she needed a companion

Shit I needed a chaperone plus a new home

Snap, crack, it's on

But in no time at all seems she fell in love

But i wasn't ready for that

Topcat had to scat

I hit her friend from the back

While she was at work workin'

I was jerkin' that skirt

And fuckin with all her friends that was flirtin'

And when she found out she told me that that shit hurt (boo-hoo)

A week later she fell in love with my homeboy Kurt

Bitch you a'int shit but dirt for dirt (biotch!)

[chorus x2]


This is a sexy bitch

[Music fades out]

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Brake Fluid (Bitches Pump Yo Brakes) / Снуп Догг

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